Fishing Fillet Cut Resistant Gloves - 2 Pairs

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There are few things more satisfying than seeing a stringer full of beautiful fish after a day of fishing. It’s sometimes even more satisfying than thinking about how delicious your fish will smell when they’re cooked and sitting on the table ready for you and your family to chow down.

So while it’s easy to visualize jumping straight from netting another beautiful bass to rolling it in breading and frying it up in your cast iron pan, there’s one more step that has to be done: you’ve got to clean and filet these bad boys.

If you’re not on a vacation with an executive package that includes fish cleaning (and most of us aren’t), you can’t just sit back and drink beer while you watch someone else cleaning your fish. You’ve got to do it yourself, and if you don’t want to risk losing a finger, you need our Fishing Fillet Cut Resistant Gloves.

Even the best fishermen and cooks are prone to unexpected disasters, but having the right gloves will ensure that you come back from your fishing trip with not only a mess of fish but also all your fingers (and no stitches!).


The Fishing Fillet Cut Resistant Gloves aren’t restricted just to cleaning and filleting fish. Cooks can use our gloves to fillet poultry and cut all other kinds of meat.

We recommend our gloves for use even when you’re using a peeler to peel the skins off of vegetables, especially if you’re a cook who works quickly doing this task. Using the Fishing Fillet Cut Resistant Gloves will ensure that if you scrap or knick your fingers, they’ll be protected.


Our full-finger Fishing Fillet Cut Resistant Gloves are strong, dependable, and have a good grip. Most importantly, they can deflect even the strongest blades.


Our Fishing Fillet Cut Resistant Gloves are made of stainless steel wire and high-quality polyethylene fiber.


These gloves are available in small, medium, and large. They’re sized for average-size men, so take this into account when choosing the best size for you.


The Fishing Fillet Cut Resistant Gloves are black.


  • Type: Full Finger

  • Feature: Anti-cut

  • Material: Stainless steel wire, high-quality polyethylene fiber

  • Color: Black

  • Size: Small, Medium, Large