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Get Your Set Of Frog Spinners Now!

  • Set of 4 frogs
  • Spinner lure propels through the water surface making quite a splash and attracting BIG fish!
  • Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 1379 customer reveiws
  • Widely used for targeting BIG predator fish
  • Good for River, Reservoir, Pond, Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Beach Fishing, Stream, Lake

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Thousands of Customer Reviews!

"Didn't expected much of free reel, but actually was pleasantly surprised, thank you!"
Jim Y, Toronto  Canada
"I have ordered 3.6 with 6000 reel - it should take care of most if not all fish sizes, including medium to large cats"
Doug, USA
"I've ordered 2000 Series, tried it during my weekend fishing trip and so far I like it, thank you."
Dan G, Australia
"I've busted a couple of rods but not this one, I've landed a few fishes twice the size of its official rating".
Luke T, US Virgin Islands
“Such a great reel for 
not much money."

Ted, Canada
"Stronger than ugly stik and beautiful as a Cadillac"
Pier M, Seychelles
"For the price I've paid, great, 
smooth reel."
Arthur M, USA
"One of the best rods I've 
ever had"
Michael, Palm Beach USA
"Have a couple of Shimanos and this unassuming reel is rock solid."
Don P, California, USA
“Exactly what I needed- a smooth quality reel for my frequent fishing trips!”.
Lou S, Chicago, USA
"This big, fat mama of all reels gets the job done!"
Wilson E, Brooklyn, USA
"Happy with this reel line capacity and overall performance."
Jose N, Miami, USA
"I have purchased 2000 series though never had Daiwa before, I'm Shimano guy. So far is very happy. Will keep it in my arsenal. Mission accomplished!"
Chris T, Atlanta, USA
“I've been looking for a solid carbon body reel but all of them were over 100 bucks, then I've found Morf- it's a lot of reel for your money, gracias!”.
Jose N, Miami, USA
“I haven’t expected much, but immediately was pleasantly surprised with this reel solid craftsmanship and outstanding performance”.
Robert B, Montana, USA
"I like it a lot because it's all metal, compact but packs a 30kg punch 
that I need to deal with those stubborn creatures".
Samuel D, Toronto
"Spinning reel with a power of 
trolling reel"
Luke M Toronto, Canada
“Got it as a birthday present and after a month of heavy fishing later still loving it!”
Samuel D, Toronto
"A real pocket rocket, incredible value! Every angler should have one!"
Larry M. Chicago
"A reel champ! As solid as it looks, thank you!"
Pier S. French Polynesia
"I love its metal durability and cool, shiny body that attracts predators" 
Samuel R, USA
"I have been looking for these and in your store I have what I need, thank you!"
Hernando, Florida, USA
"Ideal lures for my yellowtail fishing, incredible value!" 
Ronnie Y, USA
"Solid, high quality jigs,
 will buy again." 
Victor T., Australia
"My absolutely favorite jig for catching Atlantic Goliath Grouper"
Boris U, Miami USA
"Good quality sinkers, I recommend for any angler."
Sam V, USA
"Very attractive spinner - my favorite
 lures for large mouth bass"
Dustin N, USA
"All my lures have finally moved in their very own "studio apartments."
Sam W. New York, USA
"These boxes make not only my fishing friend jealous, but my wife too! Thanx Cloud9!"
Aron A. Illinois, USA
"This bag has enough compartments for all my fishing stuff, and they
 house all my lures"
Leroy M, USA
"Keep a few sizes of these droplets in my tackle box, very convenient to attach. So glad I found this store!"
Jim S, USA
"I thank you for your quick response to this matter. I appreciate doing business with an ethical company."
Nancy L., Canada
"I bought a couple of different sizes- these split shots work just fine for me in different fishing situations"
Robert S, USA
"Have never seen them in my fishing store, these cool sinkers come in a convenient storage box that goes with me every trip."
Larry W, Toronto, Canada
This trap is "no brainer"- it's as light as feather and eaaaaasy to use, what a great product."
Larry T, Oregon, USA
My grandchildren all excited to go fishing with me, every minute they ask me "grandpa, let's check if we've got any fish"
James L, Ontario, Canada